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research and development

Research & Development
Research and new product development are an integral part of our business. Our research programs for PET and polyester staple fiber focus on the development of new and improved products for various markets and applications, as well as the development of proprietary technologies.

Our research programs for PTA focus on process improvements and energy consumption efficiency.

Research and development work is performed on a product-specific basis, as each product has distinct processes and market needs that require focused efforts, and is conducted from three perspectives: internal, trade leadership and innovation.

  • The internal perspective focuses on technology improvements to improve costs, quality or production
    capacity or to meet regulatory requirements. An example is the development of Melt-Tek® technology, which reduces energy consumption and provides improved costs and customer benefits.

  • Trade leadership focuses on the development of products and services that will exceed customer satisfaction such that we will become a preferred supplier. Trade leadership includes the development of differentiated products that may have a better sales margin.

  • Innovation identifies potential new products and market areas that will provide growth and/or differentiated products.