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DAK Americas LLC, a subsidiary of Grupo Petrotemex, and Shaw Industries Group, Inc. announced the start-up of a new joint-venture company, Clear Path Recycling, LLC (CPR), to produce Recycle PET (RPET) from post-consumer PET bottles. The formation of CPR was announced in April 2009, and since the construction began on the recycling facility, 57 full-time positions have been created.

Shaw and DAK will be the primary users of the recycled RPET Flake (Recycled PET bottles) in their respective polyester based products including carpets, fibers and resins. The remaining product will be sold for merchant use.

CPR is located in Fayetteville, NC and began its first phase of operations in July 2010. By the end of this phase of the project, the operation will have the capability to recycle up to 160 million pounds of PET bottles, which will save over 550,000 cubic yards of landfill space each year.

The energy savings related to the Clear Path Recycling operation will save over 1.4 trillion BTUs of energy annually, which is equal to the amount of primary energy necessary to power over 10,000 U.S. homes per year, according to Energy Information Administration data. Future plans for the facility would increase the recycling rate to 280 million pounds or about 5 billion bottles per year.