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Commercial Relationship
The Procurement department is the only one authorized to commit Grupo Petrotemex’s funds in a purchasing agreement. A Purchase Order issued by the procurement staff is your only assurance that the purchase being executed and your invoice will be paid in accordance with the agreed upon terms and conditions.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
The terms and conditions listed below will regulate commercial relations between Grupo Petrotemex and suppliers.
Delivery of Materials
Materials must be delivered to the existing storage areas at each Grupo Petrotemex site. Along with the physical delivery of the material, you must provide two copies of the original invoice, a copy of purchase order and the required documents and certifications for physical acceptance of the material, such as quality certificates, certificates of origin, operating instructions and other specified requirements.

Personnel agreeing to deliver the subject materials must comply with all the requirements for entering operational areas including the following: hard hats, safety glasses, steel toed safety shoes, and a long-sleeved shirt. Official identification must be presented to come on-site. In the event a vehicle needs to enter the site, vehicles fueled by natural gas or liquid propane are not permitted. Vehicles fueled by gasoline or diesel may enter the site only if they are equipped with a working fire extinguisher and the necessary devices to eliminate the generation of sparks from the exhaust. Proper documentation of civil liability insurance must be provided.

Deliveries should be scheduled and completed during the following times. :
Local suppliers: Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 12:00 noon.
Domestic and imports: 08:00 to 14:00 hours.
During plant shutdowns: 07:00 to 19:00 hours.
During weekends, holidays and emergency deliveries please contact Procurement staff to schedule the delivery time.

Services Supplier
An Estimate of Advance form must be completed by all service providers to document the progress made and/or completion of services. This form should be signed by the site user or requisitioner.

Once the Estimate of Advance form is signed by the user / requisitioner, attach two copies, the original invoice, a copy of the purchase order and any documents required for acceptance of service( such as staff attendance sheets, or inspections of completion) and submit all these documents to accounts payable. The accounts payable mailbox is located at the entrance of each site.

Invoices and documentation should contain clear and accurate information regarding all deliveries. This should include the supplier identification number, purchase order being referenced, the quantity delivered, units of measurement, description of material/unit value, starting value, invoice total and billing currency.

Once delivery is made, you will be given an SAP entry number and your documents should be stamped. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to comply with all current tax legislations issued by corresponding authorities.

Supplier Payment Information
All payments are made by electronic bank transfer. You may check the status of your orders, deliveries, invoices and payments at the following address: with your login (username) and password.

If your invoices do not meet the above requirements they will be retained until they are corrected or replaced. You will be notified via email if further information is needed to process your invoice and they will be retained until they are corrected or replaced.

This information may be consulted using the same address mentioned above. The most common reasons for rejection of invoices are: not listing the purchase order number, or the supplier number, referencing different quantities, amounts or currencies than those indicated in the original purchase order, and failure to comply with tax requirements.

Supplier Evaluation
Grupo Petrotemex has implemented a materials and services supplier evaluation process. This process is why it is very important that the activities mentioned below be fully implemented.

• Criteria for the evaluation of a material supplier includes: Compliance to the delivery times established in purchase orders and the delivery of the
correct requested materials themselves.

• Criteria for the evaluation of a service supplier includes: Compliance to
start times established in the purchase order and satisfactory evaluation by
the recquisitioner /user of the service performed.