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A polymer from PTA and ethylene glycol.

Plastic bottles, jars, containers and films for packaging foods and beverages, personal care products, and many other consumer products are made of PET.

Superior visual clarity enhances the presentation value of a product. The most commonly used packaging for soft drinks and water. Highly valued packaging material because of its strong, lightweight, inert, hygienic and shatterproof characteristics Globally recognized and accepted as safe for packaging applications due to its high resistance to chemical or biological reaction with other substances.

PET is the most recycled plastic in America. Bottles, jars and containers made of PET can be identified by the #1 "chasing arrows" recycling code stamped on the bottom. PET has increasingly displaced glass, aluminum, and other plastics such as PVC or polyethylene, and has shown one of the highest growth rates of any plastic container product worldwide during the last decade.

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