Our people

Are responsible for the success and competitiveness of the company

Alpek Polyester places great value on its people. We strongly believe our dedicated people are responsible for the success and competitiveness of the company.

We are especially proud of our people for their high level of commitment to safety, health and the environment; as well as, their leadership, integrity and customer focus.

Employees of Alpek Polyester demonstrate their values by constantly seeking to improve the quality of products, and their efforts to meet or exceed the needs of customers. Their overall commitment to excellence assures the continued success of customers and the Alpek Polyester organization. We strive to grow our people through developmental opportunities within the company, in a fair and competitive environment, based on respect and communication.

Alpek Polyester’s
culture reflects a diverse workforce with extraordinary qualities, united together for a single purpose: “To be the best producers of PTA, PET Resins and PSF in the global marketplace”.