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IntegRex® technology has been developed and operated during the past ten years focusing in production processes of Terephthalic Acid (PTA) and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) using the most advanced knowledge; redesigning and simplifying the whole production processes based on innovations, integrations and optimizations of the different stages of such processes, resulting in significant savings in both capital investment and conversion costs.

This technology represents a breakthrough covering the phases from the Paraxylene (Px) feeding, through the production of PET.
While IntegRex® processes of iPTA / iPET can be implemented independently, the full integration of both processes offers the largest benefits of this technology. The simplicity, reliability, and stability of the processes allows operational understanding focusing on the combination of the final quality of PET at optimized costs.

iPTA / iPET products are produced with a significant reduction of energy, water and raw materials consumptions, operation costs and capital costs. This translates to support for the producer and its clients to create final products with different brands, performances, and important environmental benefits; thereby creating value-added recyclable products in the market.

Finally, IntegRex® Technology makes efficient use of site space, requiring less footprint for its construction and subsequent operation. Also, it makes emphasis in performance improvements practically eliminating residual water streams (compared to other traditional technologies).