About us

Our focus is on polyester, from the main raw material to resins and fiber products.

We are a leading petrochemical company with manufacturing assets in the Americas and the largest producer of PTA in this region.

We supply PTA, PET and PSF* to a broad customer base, for the beverage, food and personal care (cosmetics and personal hygiene) industries, as well as carpets, apparel and other consumer fiber based products. Our customers are located in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Many of the world’s best known consumer brands use our products in their containers.

* PTA – Purified Terephtalic Acid; PET – Polyethylene Terephtalate Resin; PSF – Polyester Staple Fiber.


The following graph sets forth significant milestones leading to the development of our company and our current operations, starting from the acquisition of Petrocel in 1978:

Group structure


Our corporate headquarters are located in Monterrey, Mexico. We have 13 production facilities in Mexico, United States and Argentina.

Corporative Philosophy

Our mission

To be the preferred choice of our customers and shareholders by delivering con- sistent value through exceptional performance in the global polyester marketplace.
Our stakeholders

All work can and must be done in a safe manner, protecting our emplo- yees, environment, communities, and assets.

Our actions are governed by the commitment to ethical conduct, honesty, and compliance with the laws that apply to us.

We will maintain a work environ- ment that promotes fair treatment, trust and collaboration.

We promote a sense of responsibi- lity, cooperation and excellence in all our actions.

Code of Ethics.

Employees of Alpek Polyester demonstrate their values by constantly seeking to improve the quality of products, and their efforts to meet or exceed the needs of customers. Their overall commitment to excellence assures the continued success of customers and the Petrotemex organization. We strive to grow our people through developmental opportunities within the company, in a fair and competitive environment, based on respect and communication.

Alpek Polyester's culture reflects a diverse workforce with extraordinary qualities, united together for a single purpose: “To be the best producers of PTA, PET Resins and PSF in the global marketplace”.

Política de calidad ambiental y seguridad.

Fundamental strategies